Take the Caricom Performance Poll

Would you trust Caricom to mediate another election anywhere in the Caribbean Community?
Why all Caribbean States are not a part of the Caribbean Court of Justice system?
Rate Caricom performance with the Guyana 2020 elections.
Do you think Caricom should be held accountable for not completing all stages of the recount and prematurely announcing who won the election??
Were you following Caricom performance over the past ten years?
Where is Caricom headquarters located?
Due to what transpired with the Guyana election, should Guyana remain a member of Caricom?
Due to the in-completion of all stages of the Guyana presidential election recount, would you like to see new leadership in Caricom?
Are all Caricom states treated fairly?
Do you have a question for Caricom? If yes, please ask your question below.
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3 thoughts on “Take the Caricom Performance Poll”

  1. I sign the petition. Stopping the H2H registration was the gateway to the extensive fraud and to think that she insists on using the fraudulent numbers although she certified the evidence that proved there were dead and overseas voters. Also the OAS reported of the missing documents belonging to the 40 plus ballot boxes . She needs to go.

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