Petition and Moving Forward

Considering the hurdles each political party faced over the past months after March 2nd elections, do you recognize President Irfraan Ali as your president?
Do you agree with APNU to concede knowing that the election was questionable?
Do you believe politicians should be fair to each other, be honest and respectful at all times.
From your perspective, who do you trust more in the new governing body?
According to the Carter Center, election reform is an immediate issue that the new administration should tackle today. Do you also share that sentiment?
Do you believe Carter Center is knowledgeable of the March 2nd, election anomalies?
With sufficient evidence, how long should an election petition take for a declaration?
Should President Granger resign from politics?
Who would you pick to cease leadership of the APNU coalition?
Do you trust the Guyana court systems to expedite the election petition?
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3 thoughts on “Petition and Moving Forward”

    1. It definitely looks like a new election coming soon. I have a feeling the government will try to drag out the process for it to last years.

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