Guyana Election 2020 Current Situation

Who won the Guyana 2020 general election?
What matters most in an election?
Were you born in Guyana?
Are you currently residing in Guyana?
Did you vote for the same candidate in the last two elections?
The CCJ had jurisdiction to rule on Guyana election matters.
Who has more leadership experience, credibility, and recognition for years of service to Guyana?
Select one if you are Guyanese by birth and living outside of Guyana.
Are the United States and foreign diplomats clearly signaling they are in favor the PPP/C Party?
Select an option below if you're not Guyanese by birth but support one of the following.
6 votes
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5 thoughts on “Guyana Election 2020 Current Situation”

  1. Lorraine Haywood

    I am so fedup with the situation in Guyana, I’m not living in Guyana but lived there during the PPP and I do not want people to experience the things we went through, especially with fraudulent votes.
    Jadgeo is desperate and I pray that when all is said and done he goes to hell and Guyana alone.
    He and his supporters are threatening Guyanese lives and I wonder why those people are still in Guyana and why up to now the President is not sworn in.

  2. I need to speak out against the PPP cabal, they don’t have Guyanese lifes at heart, all these years we suffer from the evil,alot of families are still crying out against them ,we as Guyanese we are totally fedup of these inhumane people.we fedup of people, punishment party cabal.

    1. I think we need more voices and a lot of people share that same sentiment. Our goal is 50,000 strong voices. Unity is power and standing for what is right could never be defeated.

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